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So, what is Scouting like in Troop 51?

It’s outdoor adventure.  Our scouts go camping, rafting, hiking, swimming, caving, canoeing, rappelling… you name it, we’ve probably done it.  We plan and organize an outdoor activity nearly every month.

It’s learning by doing.  We learn a lot of skills — survival in the wild, first aid, cooking over an open fire, and all kinds of construction and science projects.  It’s not reading and memorizing, it’s about going out and DOING things.

It’s fellowship.  We have a big troop, with scouts of all kinds of interests.  We share and work together to make these adventures happen.

It’s about giving back.  Scouting is a service organization, and we work to make our community a better place for everyone.

It’s leadership.  We do have adult leaders who guide us, but THE SCOUTS pick their own leaders.  THE SCOUTS decide what activities to do.  THE SCOUTS plan it.  THE SCOUTS make it happen.

It’s FUN.  Come by and visit, see what we mean by Scouting.  We meet on Monday nights from 7 til 8:30 (the last meeting of the month is usually reserved as a business meeting for the troop leaders).

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