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As per BSA policy, our troop is run by the scouts.  Every May and November, we hold troop elections, where the boys select the Senior Patrol Leader & Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.  Each patrol also elects their Patrol Leader.  The SPL and Scoutmaster appoint our Scout Quartermaster, Chaplains Aide, Scribe, Historian, and Librarian, as well as Den Chiefs to assist our feeder packs.

Our current leadership:

  • Senior Patrol Leader – Charlie W.
  • Assistant Patrol Leader -Tyler S.
  • Scribe – James D.
  • Troop Guide – Johnny D., Ben B., Jordi B.
  • Librarian – Charlie W.
  • Quartermaster – Samson H.
  • Chaplain’s aid – Jordan P.
  • Historian – Crockett H.
  • Webmaster-Liam P.
  • OA representative
  • Den Chief – Tyler S., Aiden F.

The adults (Scoutmasters & Assistant Scoutmasters) serve as guides to help the scouts in their leadership efforts:

  • Scoutmaster: Scott Harless
  • Assistant Scoutmasters:
    • Don Cleary
    • Carl McClure
    • Alan Seibert
    • Tony Fesperman
    • Stewart Hill
    • Steve Davis
  • Troop Committee Chairman: Tom Bowers

First United Methodist Church is our enthusiastic & supportive sponsor organization.  The Troop Executive is officially in charge of the troop.  The Charter Organization Representative acts as the liaison between the church and the troop and acts as the primary contact between the church and troop.

  • Troop Executive: Alan Combs, Lead Pastor, FUMC
  • Charter Organization Rep: Scott Wade
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