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Camping is a key component of the Scouting experience, and what most boys consider the biggest draw to Scouting.

Our troop follows the BSA guideline of encouraging camping and outdoor adventures.  We plan an activity every month, and try to include two nights of camping wherever possible.

The pages in this section talk about what your scout needs to Be Prepared for his campouts, backpacking trips, summer camps, and other outings.  As a guideline, though, the scout doesn’t need to have a huge pile of equipment.  We’d recommend buying ONLY the following to start out with:

  • A good pair of boots that fit well
  • A decent quality sleeping bag (one rated to 20° is plenty for the vast majority of activities)
  • A decent quality sleeping pad
  • A water bottle (Nalgene or similar), reusable plastic bowl, and plastic eating utensils

Troop 51 has a selection of troop-owned tents the boys will typically use.

As your scout gets more involved in backpacking or high-adventure activities, you’ll want to add a couple more things to this list, but for the majority of activities this will cover his needs.

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