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Merit Badges

Merit Badge SashOnce you reach First Class, you will need to earn merit badges to continue advancement.  The Boy Scouts currently has over 120 merit badges available to you, which cover a huge variety of topics.

Certain merit badges are referred to as “Eagle-Required”.  To earn your Star, Life, and Eagle ranks, you will be required to earn a total of 21 merit badges, 12 of which must come from the following list:

Every merit badge has its own pamphlet, published by the BSA, which gives a great deal of information which is useful to complete the requirements.  Our Troop maintains a library of some of these books (all Eagle-required badges as well as a number of the optional badges); the books area also available at the Scout Service Center, or from

You can view the full list of merit badges, and their requirements, at one of these sites:

To earn a merit badge, you need first contact a merit badge counselor.  Our troop has counselors for over 70 merit badges, including all the Eagle Required badges.  You will then work with your conselor (probably with one or more other scouts) to demonstrate you have completed the badge requirements.

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